Artist Statement

Responding to time, material, and outcome transformation, my process is formed. I work instinctively through repetition within printmaking, paper making, and botanical dye processes. These processes are systems of ritual repetition.

Through repetition, I can produce work that uses expressive and formal techniques. My pieces develop through repeating lines, shapes, and colors. These compositions are representative of the thoughts, questions, and ideas I manifest over time.

Experimenting with natural materials has led me to focus on themes of growth. Growth within the environment, my creative practice, and most importantly, the growth I see within myself as an artist.

More recently, I have been questioning my collections of organic objects, such as plants and rocks. I have been asking, what am I collecting, and why? Aside from visual aesthetics, what draws me into these objects? Can I somehow relate to this object? Is it the location in which I first came in contact with it?

Through making, I work to make sense of it all. I search for answers but am content with the mystery of my subconscious connection.

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